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Your Decorated Apparel Expertise WILL Translate Into Profit
The ISS Long Beach show delivers an extremely high quality audience that has the power to generate leads and maximize your show ROI more than any competing show in the world. Not only will exhibiting at ISS Long Beach 2019 enable you to showcase your products and services in front of tens of thousands of qualified buyers, you’ll also see the latest trends on direct-to-garment printing, foil-on-screen print designs, thread blending for embroidery and so much more. Nearly 75% of buyers make purchases at the show.

What You Can Expect from Exhibiting in ISS Long Beach
ISS Long Beach 2019 has been the largest decorated apparel event for decades and will have a minimum of 115,000 net square feet of exhibit space. In 2018, ISS Long Beach was 100% sold out and qualified buyer attendance was at an all-time high-and we’re already trending ahead for 2019. So once again we’ve added an additional 20,000 net square feet of exhibitor space in the newly renovated Long Beach Arena (attached to the Convention Center) to accommodate the demands of our exhibitors and qualified buyers!

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