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Corporate Management Policy

Our approaches in order to become a strategic business partner; which is responsive to human and environmental health, carries out production and service at high quality standards, is always preferred with its innovative solutions and offers the most correct solution to the needs of sector in textile printing chemicals.  

  • Strategic process management: To plan our future objectives with strategic methods and manage our processes within the framework of effectiveness and efficiency in order to attain these objectives,
  • Achieving with the employees: To lead the professional and personal developments of our employees and increase their positive experiences towards the working life,
  • Customer focus: To evaluate the expectations and requests of our customers with the principles of fairness, impartiality and confidentiality and develop solutions towards increasing their satisfaction,
  • Effective communication: To establish and develop mutually beneficial relationships with our internal and external stakeholders,
  • Business continuity: To ensure the continuity and continous improvement of our business model by evaluating our corporate risks and opportunities,
  • Continous innovation: To maintain change in order to move our products and services beyond expectations and support our processes with technological developments.
  • Information safety: To manage and secure the corporate and personal information asset at confidentiality, integrity and accessibility dimensions,
  • Sustainability: To take the sustainable development objectives and global principles as the reference while planning our future activities,
  • Social responsibility: To take part in the projects that will add value to our employees, workplace and the society and serving as a model for our stakeholders in this direction,

By leading the development and change in the light of these approaches;we undertake to conform with our ethical and core values, to work in accordance with the standards and legal legislations regarding our field of activity and to provide the necessary resources for this.

Board of Management


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